United Governing Parliament

Despite the fact that Artificial Intelligences administer the PanDo, every system in the diaspora is represented by an Ambassador with voting rights, who sits on the United Governing Parliament (U.G.P.). The U.G.P. determines inter-stellar policy of the PanDo, and responds to external threats and trade disputes. All voting in the U.G.P. is open, and the results are automatically enacted and dsitributed by the AIs that govern the functioning of public utilities, as well as those that maintain the Sphere.

Policies tend to stay clear of social issues, with consensus being that these are best decided on a system-by-system basis, and instead focus on trade, commerce, and joint participation in mandated operations.

Law is enacted and enforced at a planetary level, and the only possible right of appeal is to the planetary Controller, who can in turn appeal to the system Ambassador, who can appeal to the U.G.P.

Although programmed not to interfere with the day-to-day actions of PanDo citizens, the AIs involved in public service and maintaining the Sphere do assist in the apprehension or designated suspects and criminals. This gives the citizens of the PanDo a measure of privacy, balanced with protection, suited to a highly technological society.

United Governing Parliament

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