Character Creation


Here are the steps to create a Savage Worlds High Space character. We will be using the following books available from the Dropbox

  1. High Space Character Analects (HSCA)
  2. Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition (SWDE)
  3. Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion (SWSFC)

Character Sheets are located in Google Docs. There is one for each player. If you cannot find it please let me (aaron) know

Steps to creating a Character

We will be following the Character Creation Steps from pg 7 of HSCA

  1. Name, Concept, Description – Who is your character? Take a peek at Cultures and Careers on pg 14 and 24 of HSCA to help guide your player design.
  2. Race – Human. Human’s get an extra Edge at creation.
  3. Culture – Pick a culture from pg 14 of HSCA. Note the benefits of the culture you chose.
  4. Attributes – We will be using 5 points for Attributes PLUS any Cultural benefits. Raise your attributes following the rules on pg 8 of HSCA
  5. Derived Stats – Follow pg 9 of HSCA for these stats.
  6. Skills – We will be using 15 points for skills, not 13. pg 16 of HSCA has the list
  7. Career – Choose a Career. pg 24 of HSCA
  8. Hinderances – You choose 1 major (2 Edge points) and 2 minor (1 Edge Point each). This will give you 4 points from which to select Edges or Raise abilities. pg 28 of SWDE for core Hinderances, pg 28 of HSCA for High Space specific Hinderances and pg 11 of SWSFC for New Hinderances
  9. Spend Points from Hinderances – The 4 points a character gains from buying Hindrances can be spent to acquire Edges and new skills, and to improve attributes and existing skills. See Spending Hinderance Points Below for guidelines on spending these points.
  10. Gear – Each player will start with $1000 PanDominion Credits to purchase equipment. Gear can be purchased from either HSCA or SWSFC with SWDE. For HSCA, the cost is the number in brackets in the AR field. See Gear for more details.
  11. One Extra Edge – Humans get one extra Edge.

Spending Hinderance Points

How to spend points from Hinderances.

For 2 points you can

  • Raise an attribute one die type
  • Choose an Edge

For 1 point you can

  • Gan another skill point
  • Gain additional money equal to your starting funds ($1000)


Gear From HSCA

  • Melee Weapons – Only weapons with an AR of Seasoned or below
  • Ranged Weapons – Only weapons with High Tech Rounds with an AR of Seasoned or below
  • Armor – Only Armor with an AR of Seasoned or below
  • Equipment – Only Equipment with an AR of Seasoned or below

Gear From SWSFC

  • Melee Weapons – Any SWDE melee weapon. Can add a Stun or Vibro modification
  • Ranged Weapons – Any except Disintegrators, Lasers, Particle Accelerators (Blasters), or Plasma Weapons
  • Armor – Any but Force Field, Personal or Energy Skin:
  • Equipment – Any but Force Field Generator, Matter Remover.


The only Powers allowed in DW are Psionics and Weird Science. So you can take the Arcane Backgrounds in either but please talk with me (aaron) before you do so I know your plans with your character’s power.

Character Creation

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