Anatine is a super-naturally created crystal dust from the formation of the Galaxy during the Big Bang. Its connection to Hyperspace allows for devices that use the crystal to bend he physically laws of reality in a limited fashion.

Anatine exists in minute amounts in all of the stars and upon all of the planets of the Galaxy. There are, however, locations within solar clusters and nebulas that are known for larger accumulations than normal. The Lantern Nebula, for one, is well known for its Anatine mining, with orbitals mining Anatine from the gas giants of Dupheris, Tor, and Sturm as well as colony planets Typhon-Alpha, Typhon-Beta, and Saturine.

Scoop-mining is a lucrative venture for Commercials looking for Anatine, with each new find remaining profitable for a decade at least. Of course, there is no reason for the Commercials to take their time in reaping their harvest, and the small, jump-mining raiders and pirates are quick to follow them.


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