The Foundation (Trion)


Eons before the currently space faring races of the Orion Spur had crawled out of the primordial ooze, a intergalactic collection of races traveled the stars. We call this collection The Foundation or Trion (as there were three distinct races in the collection)

The Foundation is long gone. But they have seeded the Galaxy with an endless number of hidden outposts filled with unimagined technology. At least one outpost exists within the home system of every space fairing race discovered today. For Example, Venus has a Foundation Outpost that was only just recently discovered due to its masking technology.

Almost all of the super-advanced technology in use today has come from delving the outposts of the Trion. It is believed, for instance, that the Kesh discovered their Gravity Augmentation science from a Trion Outpost on their world.

Most of what is found is unusable by our limited races either due to safeguards in place or lack of understanding. What is useable is likely not the original intention of the technology in the first place. Be that as it may, the wondrous discoveries to come from Trion Outposts have leapt the science of the current Galaxy into the realm of Science Fiction.

The Foundation (Trion)

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