Ship Components




  • Hydrofuel: H3O used in Ion Drive, main Oxygen tanks and Water Reclamation
  • Dust: Astanine dust used in Hyperdrive & Artificial Gravity
  • White Ice: O3 cubes used for augmented Oxygen tanks in combination with Ion Drive
  • Blue Ice: Hyperdense H2O cubes used for Water Reclamation Tanks in combination with Ion Drive
  • Black Ice: C12 Brick used for CO2 scrubbers
  • Food

All of the above is usually purchased in blocks called FFID /ef-fid/ (Food, Fuel, Ice, Dust)

What happens when you run out?

  • Without Hydrofuel Ship Drifts in space. Oxygen production is halved, forcing the White Ice to make up the difference. White Ice will be consumed at double its normal rate. Water Reclamation is halved, forcing Blue Ice to make up the difference. Blue Ice will be consumed at double the normal rate.
  • Without White Ice Oxygen production is halved as all breathable air comes from the Ion Drive. All Crew operate at Fatigue -1. Additionally CO2 production increases as breathing is inefficient. Black Ice is consumed at double its normal rate.
  • Without Blue Ice Water reclamation shuts down, forcing the Ion drive to provide all water. All Crew suffers Dehydration.
  • Without Hydrofuel, White Ice and/or Blue Ice: Ion Drive, Oxygen tanks and Water Reclamation Tanks can use space ice at a 25% reduction in efficiency where available.
  • Without Black Ice: CO2 buildup will make for unbreathable atmosphere over time, depending on number of crew members and ship size.
  • Without Dust: A ship will drift on the Dark Matter Current @D2 speeds. It will also be without Keel-Directed gravity. Some inertia effects may take over in the event of the ship being under thrust, shifting the direction of ‘gravity’ toward the walls facing the engine room.


  • Battery rating: Electricity is generated by Ion Drive alternators. The Battery rating is how long the ship can maintain electrical systems when not under Ion Drive. When in Hyperspace, the Hyperdrive takes over the generation of Electricity.


  • Armor Plate Rating
  • Hull Repair Kit: Sheet Metal, HardFoam Sealant, Rocket-Rivet Gun with Rounds.


  • Artificial Gravity Module
  • FTL Hook

Ship Components

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