Long Haul Systems


Long Haul Conduits (LHC)

LHCs are ten times faster as moving matter through the conduit than SHCs. If not for the ten fold increase in speed of a Long Haul Conduit over a Short Haul, space travel to distant parts of the galaxy would be impossible within one’s lifetime.

LHCs have opened up dozens of fantastically distant places to the human race. With it, we have opened up exploration into regions of space inhabited by other space faring races. Our first contact was with the benin race of Kesh.

Distance in Kilolightyear

Sol Proxima (Sirius) <=> Orion: 1 Kly
Sol Proxima (Procyon) <=> Cygnus X: 6 Kly
Orion <=> Gum Nebula: 1 Kly
Gum Nebula  <=> Vela: 2 Kly
Vela <=> Turner 5: 4 Kly
Vela <=> Rosette: 3 Kly
Turner 5   <=> Lantern: 4 Kly
Rosette <=> Perseus: 3 Kly
Perseus  <=> Sh2-289: 7 Kly
Cygnus    <=> W5: 4 Kly

Speed in Days

Time Estimate to Cluster (Kly * 100)/ship speed    

Time@d12: (12 * 100)/12 = 100 days 

Long Haul Systems

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