Currencies and Credits

Pan Dominion Credis, called PDC (sometimes even PanDough), are a universally regulated credit system available to citizens of the PanDo. They are stored in the Sphere and exchangeable securely through commlinks

Each of the three Sol System Governments have their own currencies. UN’s are called Uni, Martian’s are called cRed, and OPA uses Astro. All three have both digital and physical versions in paper and metal denominations.

Of the three, the cRed is the most respected currency in the solar system outside of PDCs

Illegal transactions use untraceable Bitcoins.

Rates and Conversions

Astros have the highest inflation, followed by Uni, PDCs and then cRed.

cRed 1:10 PDC, 1:240 Uni, 1:2000 Astro
PDC 10:1 cRed, 1:24 Uni, 1:200 Astro
Uni 240:1 cRed, 24:1 PDC, 1:8.3 Astro
Astro 2000:1 cRed, 200:1 PDC, 8.3:1 Uni
Bitcoin 15:1 PDC (Dark Market exchange)

Here are some expenses you may experience and how much you might pay per currency

A drink at a bar ($5 US)
0.05 cRed
0.4 PDC
10 Uni
1000 Astro

Monthly Rent ($10K US)
100 cRed
800 PDC
2K Uni
20K Astro

A Ground Transport ($200K US)
2K cRed
400K Uni
4MM Astro

FTL Drive ($1MM US)
10K cRed
800K PDC
20MM Uni
200MM Astro

Money Converters will take 3 – 5% of any conversion. 5 – 10% for Dark Market

Currencies and Credits

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